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Paypal Commission

10$ Per commission +5$ for an Extra Character

Comment on this journal if you want a commission

What Should I do more? I keep Trying to improve Art But Still my art is Not Good Enough I am Such A Failure in my life...

*sigh*.....i still not Good Enough...

Like the Title say so, I might be so busy on doing some friend art request since i still have no commissions in my hand so yeah

that is all

Right now i am looking for some nice art trades

i can Only Draw one Character Per Artist

Comment on this journal if you are interested

ScreenShot 20170101141910 by Kangythekangaroo

So yeah This is Kind hard the 1st time to draw a pokemon

Yeah I am reopening my Cash Commission and Art Trades

art trades One Character at a Time

Like the Title say So, Comment If you are open on Point Commission

So yeah i'm back from my X-mass vacation now what did i miss?

yeah Like The title say I will come back on the morning of the Christmas Eve or on the after noon on my time since i live in the philippines (if anyone still don't know)

and its a perfect time to get some rest from all the stress

hope you guys understand

welp Need to pack my things now ^^

I might Start the art trade After December and the New Years

sorry for the inconvenience Is just i need to rest more on art than making them

please understand

I am open on Art Trades

And Also I am Open on Art Commissions

Here is the Price List of it

Full Color = from $5 to $10

Sequence (max is 3) = $15

Comment On this Journal if you want


$5 For Full color with or without background

I only Accept 1 character per commissioner

this commission is for me to get a new laptop and a new drawing tablet

Comment if interested

My paypal Is now online and ready for some donations and my Paypal commissions will be ready soon ^^

What to Draw I can't think what to Draw

You know the feeling that you made someone happy but you feel empty inside the hole time, Yeah that's the feeling i'm having it right now

Thank you Sooo much for the Gift art and Birthday Greetings ^_^ i am on happy Chubby Kangaroo

Like The Title say so YAY!!!!!!!!!

YAY My Birthday is on July 4th YAY i am Excited

I am Looking For someone that is Open on Point Commission but this Time The Theme Is Pokemon

I am LOOKING, Not I am Open on Point Commission. I am LOOKING for someone That Is
open on Point Commission

How Many Times i like to say That My point commissions Are Close
Is that Not Easy to Understand?

Plus I Don't Draw Any more Copy right Characters
I only Draw Furry Characters/Fursonas
that you Owned

So please Stop Bothering me

I am Just Look For someone that is Open On Point Commisions